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Eternal Decision – Without Shelter

here is an example of the themes of this great Christian group

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eternal decision 1997

CapaEternal Decision is the self-titled first album of the American Christian heavy metal band Eternal Decision. It was released by Godfather Records in 1997, and was sold in the U.S. as well as in 16 other countries.

Mainly due to the similarities in vocal style, the group is often mistaken for Metallica. As an example, many people have downloaded Eternal Decision’s songs in P2P programs like Ares Galaxy or LimeWire believing they’re singles or demos from Metallica’s 2008 New Album, Death Magnetic. Another example is their song “Imminent Destruction”, often mistaken for Metallica’s “All Nightmare Long”. As another example, the song “Hunger” from the self-titled debut album received many downloads on Napster due to the fact that many people falsely believed it to be a new unreleased Metallica song or a collaboration between Megadeth and Metallica

Durante mucho tiempo, en la cultura popular se creyó que “Hunger” era una colaboración entre Megadeth y Metallica, y así el disco homónimo Eternal Decision fue utilizado en internet como señuelo de Death Magnetic (último álbum de Metallica lanzado el 2008).


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Faith For Life Church, 12-7-13 Guest Speaker: Dr. Jaime Betancourt

It is a testimony of Dr jaime betancourt better known as the Crazy 8 cell; I recommend it, christ how he came to the man‘s life in a nuthouse; Jesus Christ used a preacher  named Jose Maria Muñoz or better known as Brother Chema for the glory of God

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Abraham Zelada – Vol. 2 – Quiero Amarte-1991


si logras encontrar, compra el original , apoyemos su ministerio , exije que ponga su musica en las radios de tu pais no deje que su ministerio se pierda


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Gary Lee – Los 7 tipos de cristianos

El predicador presenta los tipos de cristianos que existe, te recomiendo que averigues a cual perteneces , estas predicaciones los hermanos la preservan para compartirla

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rez band- silence Demos – 1988

Rez - Silence Screams

This album is a demos they had been experimenting with and instead delivered an album that was a hybrid mix of blues, hard rock and heavy metal,if  you like the  album buy original , we support Christian artists and his ministry, demand that playing their music on the radio of  your country


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